Dust Extraction Systems

Dust Extraction Systems

Airtight Solutions offers a wide variety of dust extraction system solutions including bag filter dust collectors, cartridge filter dust collectors, wet scrubbers, multi-cyclones, ESP’s and more.

Effective design and correct filtration technology application is critical to achieving ongoing high performance and ongoing low maintenance running costs. Airtight offers the highest quality and leading technology dust collectors on the market. With our extensive engineering expertise you can trust us to select the right filtration technology for your application.

The Industry Standard Dust collectors

Check out our T-series, NFS and NFK dust collectors. Over the last few years these ranges of dust collectors have truly become the industry standard in good dust extraction solutions.This is because of the attention to detail in the design of the dust extraction systems that Airtight supply and install. Our team of experienced engineers will select the correct technology and design a system that is specifically suited to your application. We always aim to achieve high quality dust/fume extraction while minimising energy and maintenance costs. This means you always get a great performing low maintenance dust extraction system.

Contact the Experts!

A good quality dust collector will be a significant and important investment for your business and that is why it is important to get it right the first time. Contact one of our skilled sales engineers who will be able to help you in selecting the correct technology for your application.

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